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Chiboshi Kei's Journal

Chiboshi Kei
1 May
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Name: Kei
Full name: Chiboshi Keiko
Age: 17
Birthday: May 1st
Leaf Village

Kei is a shy girl from a traditional family. She comes from a blood clan that has a strong immunity too poisons. Their immunity is so great that their bodies can absorb strong amounts of poison, but will only get so much as a rash. However, great quantities can kill them. Due to their unique ability, the Chiboshi family has developed a high level of swordsmanship which is passed down from generation to generation. Rumor has it that a culture can also be made from antibodies in their blood to cure poison, but this is a clan secret and wether it is true or not is unknown. However, their ability is a double edged sword….

The clan is now dwindling due to unknown reasons which the Chiboshi family is unwilling to disclose. One reason maybe that they have a long and dedicated history to the Anbu. Kei’s father (Chiboshi Kozuka) and grandfather were both captians during their tenure. Her father died in service on a secret mission when she was 8 and the details are unknown. Recently, her brother Jiro died at 22 during the Attack on Konoha by the now-broken alliance of Sand and Sound. During the attack, it was Kei’s first unofficial mission as an ANBU and she was the one to discover his body. Because of the trauma she experienced, she is finding herself more and more drawn into plotting revenge and finding his killer.

Kei does have some cousins and relatives who are still alive, but most married outside the village or are retired. Her two surviving immediate family members are her mother and her younger sister, Oka. Kei’s mother seems to be fading away with the combined deaths of her husband and her son. Oka is an energetic 8 year old girl who for some reason won’t speak in anything but a Kansai accent due to Jiro teaching her it as a joke as a baby. Because of this, Kei has a tendency to slip into Kansai when emotionally excited or agitated.

Additionally, her withdrawn nature comes from her being picked on as a child because apparently her academy class believed she poisoned their food. She is an introvert, and when someone gets her angry enough, she can turn into a whole other person and even attack an opponent with unnecessary force. Although lacking self-confidence, she is good at calligraphy and has begun her study of apothecary-ship under her mother’s tutelage. She shows great potential in being an ANBU.

Kei became an ANBU at age 15 and at chuunin rank and recently turned 17.Her ANBU mask is Tanuki (at the moment, much to her dismay), and her captian's name is Suzu.

As of the current plot, Kei has now mastered poisons and is working on compiling a field guide book from her notes.
(this is an RP journal)